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Rent ready checklist 

Your property needs to be rent ready before it is put on the market. An immaculately clean and fully operational property will:

  • Attract high quality tenants

  • Reduce vacancy time 

  • Get you top dollar rent for your rental home

  • Ensures a smooth move-in process for your tenants

Related imageLandscaping, Driveways and Walkways. The yard needs to be neat and tidy. Grass should be mowed and edged, weeds pulled, hedges, shrubs, and trees trimmed up. All vegetation should be cut back at least 6 inches away from the house siding and 2 feet from the roof. Driveways and walkways should be clean and weed-free. Remove any trash or personal items. The yard needs to be in the exact condition that you expect your tenant to maintain it at. If your property has a large lawn or intricate landscaping we'll need to hire a professional yard care company to maintain it. If you have a sprinkler system make sure the controller is programmed correctly and all hoses and sprinkler heads are leak-free and spraying accurately.

Related imageHouse Exterior. Check the following items:

  1. Paint should be in good shape and not peeling, dirty, or moldy.
  2. Roof and gutters should be clean and moss-free.
  3. Chimney, fireplaces, wood, and pellet stoves need to be professionally inspected and cleaned
  4. Patios and decks should be clean and safe, with secure up to code railings
  5. Windows and skylights should be cleaned inside and out, and screens should be hole-free and secured in place. All window panes with broken seals should be replaced.
  6. Septic systems should be professionally inspected

Related imageWalls, Trim, Ceilings, & Baseboards. All nail holes and wall damage should be repaired. Interior paint should be clean and fresh. Use light, neutral colors. Paint over fake wood paneling and dated wallpaper. Make sure all trim and baseboards are clean and fresh too. Install door stoppers and handle bumpers to prevent new damage.

Related imageFlooring. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned. Not with a grocery store rental, you need to use a professional carpet cleaner because they have far superior equipment and know-how to clean your carpets properly. All flooring should be clean and safe. Always replace worn, smelly, stained, or outdated carpets. 

Related imagePlumbing. Check all toilets and faucets for leaks. Make sure water pressure is adequate and all sinks and tubs drain correctly. Check all shut off valves to make sure they turn on and off and don't leak. Sink pop-up valves should work properly. Make a note of the location of the main shut off valve for the house so we are able to inform your tenant where it is. Caulk around countertops and bathroom fixtures should be clean or new. Mold and mildew is not acceptable. 

Related imageHardware and Locks. Locks, latches and doorknobs need to operate properly. This includes sliding glass and screen doors. It's best if all locks are keyed the same so your tenant doesn't have to carry around a handful of keys. We need at least 3 copies of each key. Two full sets for your tenants and one at our office for emergencies.

Related imageAppliances. All appliances need to be thoroughly clean and working properly. This includes refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and microwaves. Seriously consider replacing old, outdated appliances with newer models that look nicer and are more efficient. 

Related imageSmoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Smoke detectors must be in each bedroom, and in hallways leading to bedrooms. Carbon monoxide alarms must be on each floor and installed close to the bedrooms. All devices need fresh batteries and should be tested to ensure they operate.

Related imageLighting & Electrical. Burned out bulbs should be replaced and vanity bulbs should all match. Light switches and cover plates should be clean. All vent fans should be working properly to prevent excessive moisture and odors. The circuit breaker panel needs to be accessible and all circuits well labeled. Electrical outlets that are loose and don't hold cords properly should be replaced.

Related imageHeating and Air Conditioning Units HVAC systems should be professionally serviced before a tenant moves in and at least annually. All filters should be replaced.

Related imageClean. The entire house needs to be clean and odor free. We have a cleaning checklist that must be completed before marketing your home. This is the same checklist we expect our tenants to follow when they eventually move out.